Midland fire truck involved in morning accident

Midland fire truck involved in morning accident
Photo of Engine 6. Engine 6 was not involved in the accident. (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland Fire Department fire truck was involved in a morning accident.

We're told the accident occurred at the intersection of Loop 250 and Highway 191.

According to authorities, the fire truck was traveling southbound on the Loop 250 service road with its lights and sirens on and attempted to drive through the intersection.

That's when, police said, the fire truck was hit on the passenger side by a small Lexus SUV traveling eastbound on the south service road of Highway 191.

The driver of the SUV was charged with driving without a license.

No injuries were reported.

The fire truck, which was based at Station 10, located at 4501 Sinclair Ave., has been removed from service and an alternate fire truck has been moved to Station 10.

Authorities went on to say that the Midland Fire Department is conducting a training course this week on emergency vehicle driver training. The course was pre-scheduled and is taught by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service. The training is comprised of 4 days of classroom training this week and two additional days of classroom training. In April, behind the wheel exercises with a driving simulator will take place.

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