Windlands Park on the way to being greener

Windlands Park on the way to being greener
Satellite wastewater plant. (Source KWES.)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Windlands Park in Midland is home to a large brick building, but while many are aware of its existence, not a lot of people know its purpose.

"They call it a satellite facility to treat waste water to get enough quality to use enough to irrigate with we actually had the state change their rules and regulations to allow us to do that, and we are the only ones in Texas at this time," Laura Wilson, Utilities Director for the City of Midland said.

This water production facility makes Midland a pioneer in turning waste water into reusable water. However, the city doesn't recommend the waste water be used for drinking.

When the city originally made plans to build the facility, the main concern was budget. Today saving money is just as important, but appearance has also become a focus.

"To conserve cost, and so they focused mostly on their attention on odor control, and noise control and so it won't bother the neighbors," Wilson said.

Now, the city wants to plant more landscape and help cover up what some residents call an eye sore.

"It's a beautiful park," Wilson said, "so we want to be able to cover it up because it's a big facility, but we do want it to blend in a little bit better the surrounding area."

Showing that Midland can be beautiful as well as resourceful with water use sets an example to the rest of the state.

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