Arena Polo tournament puts on a show in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Texas Arena League was in town this weekend to play its final leg of a tournament at the Midland Polo Club.

The 2-day event featured polo teams from polo clubs across the state such as San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin.

The game sometimes likened to "hockey on horseback" is played with players on a team, all of which defend and play offense, trying to score goals off the arena's doors.

One player from San Antonio polo club, Jack Crea, telling me why the game is so unique ."You're doing all this at 25-30 miles per hour on top of a horse, and you got another horse coming in, riding right beside you, trying to defend, there's nothing like it," says Crea

The game of arena polo is popular among polo clubs, but Megan Flynn of the Midland Polo Club says how this tournament was set up was what made it unique.

"So this is the first one in Texas that has ever been done like this. We have a couple of different clubs coming together to make a league, we all compete against each other, and there's no other arena tournaments in Texas that operate on a point system like we've decided to do," says Flynn

Today's tournament brought out dozens of West Texas families to spectate, some of who told me, the tournament made them interested in learning more about the game and possibly taking lessons.

Flynn tells me that's the exact reaction she was hoping for, "We have our own 8 week polo school, it teaches you everything from riding, to rules of the game, swing mechanics, everything."

So if you love horses and competition.

This may be the game for you.

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