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Congressman Mike Conaway discusses new idea during NewsWest 9 visit

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West Texas Congressman Mike Conaway stopped by our studios Friday to discuss protecting U.S. businesses.

The bill he is introducing is called the Stopping Foreign Businesses Sanctuary Act.

He said the countries buy American companies then turnaround and claim diplomatic immunity when the products they sell are faulty.

One country the congressman pointed out was a main culprit in this practice, China.

“We don’t know what the government is having them do to the products sold in the United States. They could be done in ways that will allow them to gain access to controlling things that are going on and access that are communications, that are across those communications systems. I think it is important we have a clear eye that China is a competitor,” said Conaway.

Conaway touched on the progress of the George W. Bush’s childhood home, the farm bill and March primaries during his visit.

Conaway visited Andrews and Lamesa as well.

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