First Methodist Midland helps out High Sky Children's Ranch this weekend

First Methodist Midland helps out High Sky Children's Ranch this weekend

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - First United Methodist in Midland is giving a hand to the High Sky Children's Ranch, a foster organization in Midland on Saturday.

"Foster kids are the most at-risk kids from my perspective," said Rev. Steve Brooks. "So how can we help be a support to the foster care system? High Sky is one of the ways we can."

As part of First Methodist's mission project, this isn't the first time they've provided service for the High Sky Children's Ranch. It'll be the third big project they've worked on recently.

"My wife is a prosecutor in Odessa and works with some of the kids that end up in High Sky," said Associate Pastor Kurt Borden. "There's so much you can do as a prosecutor but on the other side, there's a church and there's a lot that we can do. They aren't just numbers, they're kids. We want to love them."

Each project is a little different depending on what High Sky needs. Last time, the church bought Christmas presents for the children and re-did their dorm facilities. On Saturday, they need volunteers to move items and clean up the emergency shelters and a storage shed.

"What's fun is when we get together, a lot of work gets done and everyone's smiling and nobody's complaining," said Brooks.

It's a service the church said aims to be the community that gives back, because that's where you look a little higher.

"One of the things we were called to do is continue Jesus' work until he returns," said Brooks. "He was very concerned about people who were suffering. He had a lot of mercy and compassion towards them so as a church we have to be faithful who open our eyes and look for people who are struggling."

Because even though it's the simple tasks, it's really what many hands, hearts and faith are doing to help the children that truly gets the work done.

The project starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday and your kids can also participate in it. A lunch will also follow. They do need more volunteers with trucks so if you're interested, they'll meet at the High Sky Children's Ranch at 9 a.m.

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