Firefighters prep for the season ahead

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - It doesn't matter if it's a downed power line or cigarette, fire season is getting close and is expected to be serious.

"The Forest Service is predicting an active fire season, more than normal," said Michael Tully, Administration Battalion Chief, Midland Fire Department.

Crews in Midland were training, prepping and learning about how to handle the conditions. Because it's not a matter of if a fire were to start, but when.

"We start putting people in resources they need to be," said Tully.

The firefighters sparked brush at their training facility to show how quickly it could spread. Within minutes, there was thick smoke and large flames.

"Grass fires are different from structure fires, different dynamic. It acts different, it moves a little faster. There is some specialized training that goes into a wild land firefighter," said Tully.

You could help them out this season by following some simple tips.

"When the news comes out and says it's a Red Flag Day, no open flames, oilfield keep the hot work to a minimum, and also just cleaning up around your house," said Tully.

They say where there's smoke, there's fire, departments in the area look to bring it to a minimum this season.

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