Midland Rockhounds in need of more host homes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - With a new season coming up for the Midland Rockhounds, you could support them, not only at the stadium but also at your home. It's all part of a host home program that started a few years back by Rockhounds fans.

The cost of living is a little pricy in the Basin and since the Rockhounds are a minor league, they make around $1,500 much. which is why fans started a host home program to be an even bigger support system for their players.

"It's kind of like a matchmaking service, we help them out and let them choose who they want and they'll contact the host homes themselves," said Director of Community Relations Courtnie Ortiz.

The program allows volunteers to open up their home to a player from April to September.

"They knew the struggle of making hardly nothing in minor league baseball and having to raise a family and also having to pay rent, bills and all these other things so they started the program," said Ortiz. "We have some host homes that never see their players, we have some that see their players all the time. It depends if they get up early, you might not see them for a week or two at a time."

Right now, the Rockhounds are at spring training in Arizona and will head back April 1.

They're still in need of 20 beds. All they need is a place to sleep since they eat lunch and dinner at the ballpark for the most part.

"It's been an awesome support system for the players," said Ortiz. "It's awesome to see the support system grow throughout the season."

If you're interested in hosting a Hound, click here or e-mail Courtnie here.

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