Odessa College enlists help of student patrol for campus safety, engagement

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - They come from all walks of life. Several types of majors.

"We have a nursing student. I'm a photography major. We do have a girl who is criminology and forensics. We also have a music major," said Michelle Baggett, Student Patrol, Odessa College.

Nine students make up the new student patrol at Odessa College.

"Normally everyday we walk around and we'll go talk to people in administration let them know who we are, what we're doing," said Baggett.

Typically working in pairs, if it's late at night they help anyone on campus by walking them to their cars, and they write parking tickets.

"We sometimes have an issue with all the students parking and filling up the employee parking. Or they fill up all the visitor parking because we have way more students than we have employee's or visitors. It has helped that situation. It is a safety issue to know who is parked on our campus," said Leslie Alexander, Chief of Police at Odessa College.

The student patrol is more than the $10-dollar tickets they write.

"I used to be an OC ambassador. That was my first job ever. I wanted something more difficult and kind of a new experience," said Baggett.

Each student goes through an extensive background check before hired, working with the police on campus.

"You have to follow the rules and you have to make sure everyone follows the rules too, so that we're all safe here," said Baggett.

So far, so good for the program. A program where the students, the police force and community all benefit from each other.

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