New Midland County bomb dog receives support from community

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Mia is a two-and-a-half-year-old Dutch Shepherd trained to find explosives.

Last week, she joined the Midland County District Attorney's Office as their newest recruit.

Midland County District Attorney Laura Nodolf says she decided to acquire a bomb dog last year after two threats on the Midland County court house.

"It was really a hindrance to the community," says Nodolf.

She says after researching the matter she realized how useful a bomb dog can be, "A bomb dog can clear an 11 story building in an hour and a half."

Mia's sense of smell allows her to detect more than 16 different types of explosives, from home-made to manufactured explosives, and her talents won't only be used in Midland.

"We fully don't want to keep Mia to ourselves, there's not another bomb dog between here to Lubbock, or El Paso, or Abilene so we want to be able to service the counties that are surrounding us," says Nodolf.

Mia's handler is Officer Kevin Bullard who says his relationship with Mia has quickly blossomed.

"I essentially picked her out in three days and we started working, ended up bonding a lot at the hotel, and walking with her and playing with her, then going to work and teaching her skills," says Bullard.

Nodolf says despite Mia being ready for her new job she needed to get her some protective equipment, such as a bullet proof vest and goggles.

Nodolf says thankfully her community has stepped up, "People really understand that this is an asset to our community because again were not keeping it to just governmental agencies."

The DA's office officially received two donations on Mia's behalf this morning at the county's commissioner's court meeting.

The first, $10,000 from COG Operating LLC, the second $12,500 from Parsley Energy.

Mia completed her first mission last week, when she cleared the Midland International Air and Space Port for former president George W. Bush's arrival.

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