New animal shelter in Midland approved by city council

New animal shelter in Midland approved by city council

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - UPDATE: Construction for the new building was approved at the Midland City Council on Tuesday Morning.


On Tuesday, the Midland City Council will be deciding to approve a new building for an animal shelter.

Animal Services says they need it.

"The current facility is outdated, it's time like I said with the growth that the city of Midland is experiencing. It's time to move this direction, that way we can continue to meet the current and future needs of our residents," said Leah Lewis, Animal Services Manager, City of Midland.

On a busy day, about 15 to 20 dogs and cats are taken to the shelter. If the shelter is at max capacity, dogs and cats could be euthanized.

Here's a look at the Midland Animal Shelter statistics from 2017:

Sheltered 3,502
Adopted 604
Reclaimed 756
Transferred  487
Owner Surrendered 588
Euthanized 1,290
Sheltered 2,472
Adopted 167
Reclaimed 25
Transferred 401
Owner Surrendered 286
Euthanized 1,340

"We need to have additional space. We are hoping to have meet and greet rooms for adopters to come and spend time with animals that are thinking about adopting. They will also be able to bring their current pets," said Lewis.

The additional rooms would also allow a space for low-cost vaccinations, conference and training rooms.

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