Midland Downtown Lions Club's 62nd Annual Pancake Jamboree in Midland

(KWES) - With every pancake flipped and plate served, the Lions Club is able to help out their local charities and programs.

There is a lot of work that goes into the Jamboree. The Lions are expecting 2,500-3,000 people. That means they need lots of food.

Tom Blaze is the President of Midland Downtown Lions Club says, "[They serve] 15,000 pancakes today, 150-250 pounds of sausage, 60 gallons of coffee, an equal amount of tang, a couple of thousand cartons of milk. It goes on and on. There are lots of food."

This is the 62nd year for the Jamboree and all the money raised from their events goes to a good cause.

Tom says, "Our gem, or what we call the jewel of Texas lion's, is our Texas lion's camp for special needs children in Kerrville. That's been going for 70 years. About 1,500 kids for summer go through there at no cost to the family."

They say it's all worth it.

Russell Livingston has been with the Lions Club since 1986. He says, "there is just a number of lion's charities that this jamboree supports. And that's what makes all the preparation and hard work worth it. Especially when you go down to Kerrville in the summer and see those children having fun and getting to be kids, some of them for the first time in their life."

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