Recent Crime Stoppers success at Midland I.S.D. campuses pleases judge

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - You've heard the tag lines; Crime Stoppers has been a staple in the Midland community.

"It's kind of like coming into a dark room and turning on a light. That's what a tip is," said Judge David Cobos, Midland County.

Almost 35 years of tips, the man responsible for implementing the program in the county is smiling a little bit more these days.

"It's got to be a community effort and that's what Crime Stoppers is about," said Cobos.

Cobos is pleased that the program he brought to the county helped on Midland I.S.D. campuses in recent weeks.

"We've been able to get those tips and get those guns before anything happened," said Cobos.

Cobos added Crime Stoppers isn't just for the police and sheriff's office, it reaches the kids at M.I.S.D. so they can let each other know what's going on.

"Sometimes teenagers don't listen to adults. A lot of times they'll listen to their peers," said Cobos.

Those tips led to quick action at Lee and 10 days ago at Midland High.

"I think this can serve an example to the rest of the country and the schools around the country, giving the students an avenue to report something," said Cobos.

Cobos has taken a step back from Crime Stoppers.

"I pay close attention to it because it's kind of like a child to me," said Cobos.

He's more than pleased with how everyone from law enforcement to students have continued to keep it rolling.

Recently, Crime Stoppers doubled the amount for tips at schools which lead to an arrest.

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