SNAP recipients may see half of their food stamps replaced

(KWES) - Recipients of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, might see half of their food stamps replaced.

Last week, the Trump administration proposed to have part of SNAP benefits come in the form of food packages.

According to the proposal, this will provide nutritional food for snap members but also reduce taxpayers' money.

Users that earn more than $90 a month in snap benefits will receive part of it as stamps and the other as a food box.

The box would include items such as pasta, peanut butter and vegetables that will be delivered to directly to households.

The goal is to save taxpayers money and to reduce fraud.

An idea food banks are interested in seeing.

"It's an interesting idea. I want to look at it. I think all food banks are interested in it. But I think we just look at the logistics of getting food in and distributed, especially when we get into out rural counties, I'm not sure you would see a whole lot of cost savings," said David Weaver, Food Bank CEO.

The SNAP proposal will also tighten the reigns on work expectations for adults with the goal of making sure those benefits go to the people who need it the most.

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