Special Report: Too sick to go to work

(KWES) - If you weren't sick this flu season, you probably know someone who was sick.

There are some guidelines to follow if you are thinking about not going to work.

"The CDC actually recommends fever free for 24 hours, but here is more to it than that. Because, you can be contagious even without a fever. As matter of a fact, for the flu, you are contagious even before you start," said Dr. Sudip Bose with Neighbors Emergency Center in Odessa.

But the big question, is when do you call in sick for work or even just an appointment?

Leah Margetti is a hair stylist at Southern Luxe Hair and Design and she wants her clients to stay home if they are sick.

"About 1 to 2 a week that are canceling because they are sick. Although it does interrupt our schedule a little bit, I would much rather you stay home and get better and not come up here and spread it to us either," said Margetti.

When it comes to getting sick, there are two types of people and they are on complete different sides of the fence.

There are the Super Hypochondriacs, they are the ones that go straight to bed with a dying whimper as they bundle up immediately.

Of course, this was at first cough and sneeze.

Then there are the presenteeism workers, those are the ones in their minds that are dedicated and show up all the time. But they spread their germs to everyone in the workplace, and those in the service industry, also spread to their clients.

"We are constantly engaging with our clients. Our hands are on their heads, their faces, their body. We are talking to them, we are definitely in a lot of contact with them throughout the day. We definitely don't want to be coughing on them or sneezing or sniffling or for sure have a fever," said Margetti.

It's not just beauty industry related careers, but also health care professionals that go to work sick.

Researchers surveyed more than 900 Health Care Professionals and 94% believed working when sick put patients at risk.

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