Mr. Rogers neighborhood turns 50

Mr. Rogers neighborhood turns 50
Mr.Rodgers and Daniel's tiger neighborhood.. (Source: Basin PBS.)

(KWES) - It was 50 years ago, that the famous line of Fred Rogers, "Won't you be my Neighbor?" was heard through TV waves on national public broadcasting network.

It was a show that took children to the land of make believe, where imitation was key to fun learning.

Many people know him as a TV personality, writer and producer, but not many people also know that he was a certified Presbyterian minister.

On Feb. 27, 2003, Mr. Rogers passed away with stomach cancer with his wife by his side.

It wasn't until Sept. 3, 2012, the Public Broadcasting Network went in a different direction and launched Daniel's Tigers neighborhood.

The show has a similar concept, but the main character is a kid Tiger and a cartoon.

Whether you watched Mr. Rogers Neighborhood or Daniel's Tiger Neighborhood growing up, PBS wants your feedback.

They want to hear your stories, click here to upload yours.

"All year long, is go out into our communities and look for folks that we can interview and talk to them about how Minster Rogers or Daniel Tiger impacted their lives, and we want to share those with our communities," said Alyson Trevino, Basin PBS.

If you would like to participate, visit their Facebook page to upload a video of yourself or post a picture. And add #Misunderstood50.

Personally, I grew up watching Mr. Rodgers and I uploaded my story here

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