Local business makes sure hunters 'don't lie' regarding competition

(KWES) - A state-wide hunting contest took place this weekend and the competition got a little help from a local business.

The West Texas Big Bobcat Contest brought hunters from across the nation. The 23-hour hunt targeting the biggest bobcats across Texas.

Organizers say, with such a big cash prize on the line, one Midland based gun shop stepped up to make sure the rules were enforced. "Ally outdoors" sponsored a lie detector for all of the winners of the contest

"There are so many teams that enter and there's no possible way to referee and there are rules to it, so we want to make sure everybody plays fair and the only way to do that is to give everybody a lie detector test at the end."

Dustin Dubose won first place and nearly $50,000 for his 38-pound bobcat. He also passed the lie detector test.

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