Church set up up in Midland backyard asking for help

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Pastor Robb Foreman of the Home Line Baptist church leads a congregation of more than 100 people in Midland.

"We're excited about what the lords doing here," says Foreman.

Though where his congregation meets may surprise you.

"It's not your average setting its not your average church location or building, you realize we're one of the friendliest churches in town and I think they'd say the same," says pastor Foreman

The Home Line church is set up in the backyard of Don Lilly's home on Mockingbird Lane.

Lilly says that after a few sleepless nights he decided to convert his backyard workshop into a church auditorium "my wife and I felt like this area needed an independent Baptist church."

It's an idea that's been progressed quickly "we have gone from a 30 seat auditorium to a 125 seat auditorium, here in the backyard," says pastor Foreman

Like many churches, along with worship service there is also Sunday school.

Different classes are set up for groups of toddlers, teens, and adults and they're spread across Lilly's property in portables, and even inside his home.

"We've substantially out grown this place and we need get that building built over there on bluebird," says Foreman

The Home Line church recently purchased a 5-acre lot off Bluebird lane where they plan to construct a 350 seat auditorium.

"We need resources and we're asking midland to help us," says Robb Foreman

The new church will be dedicated to the memory of pastor Foreman's daughter Sadie and her boyfriend Jordan who both passed away in a freak ATV accident, back in 2014.

"My daughter had a testimony before she was killed at 19 years old she had a testimony, she wrote in a journal everyday and she wrote I want Christ to be magnified either by my life or my death," says Foreman.

Though, while that church remains in the works, pastor Foreman's congregation will continue to build what they've got, "There is a continuity and a unity here just because the setting of being a church in the back yard, it just brings that family setting, that closeness."

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