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Jackalopes break down hockey lingo

Odessa Jackalopes Logo (Source: Odessa Jackalopes Facebook) Odessa Jackalopes Logo (Source: Odessa Jackalopes Facebook)

If you've ever spent any time around hockey players you know that they nearly speak a different language. We stopped by a Jackalopes practice and they explained a few of their favorite go-to phrases, take a look.

Lettuce means hair, for example:
“Hey how do you get your lettuce like that?,” said Odessa Jackalope Brett Epp.
“A lot of shampoo, a lot of conditioner. Some, uh, horse conditioner usually,” said Odessa Jackalope Zach Heintz.
“How many times a week are you using shampoo and conditioner?,” said Epp.
“Uh, I actually rarely shampoo mostly condition. Keep it greasy,” said. Heintz.

Sauce means pass, for example:
“Buddy I've seen better sauce in an Italian restaurant,” said Heintz.
“You're getting in my head buddy, I'm trying to get better,” said Epp.

Twig means stick, for example:
“What kind of twig are you rocking these days?,” said Epp.
“I’m rocking the CCM Super Tacks 2.0, supposedly gives me a hard shot but I don’t see the results,” said Heintz.
“No, not really. I don't even think you even really need it,” said. Epp.

Drop the mitts means drop the gloves; in other words, there’s about the be a fight. For example:
“Oh easy, buddy! Your gloves are glued on, buddy! Oh, here we go, we got a tilt. Take off the bucky show the lettuce,” said Epp.

Facewash means a hand in the face, for example:
“You trying to face wash me bro?,” said Epp.
“Yeah you got some acne,” said Heintz.
“Get out of here,” said Epp.

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