One Odessa Jackalope calls Texas home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Jacks are from a few different countries. So they are somewhat divided during these Olympic games, one Jackalope, Eric Hus, is rooting for team USA, who's one of the only Jacks from the Lone Star State.

18-year-old Eric Huss comes to Odessa from Dallas, Texas. There are only two Texans on the Jackalopes roster. So he's tried to take on the responsibility of teaching his teammates the ways of his home state.

"I tried to teach my roommate, Somoza, Evan Somoza, he's from California a little. We all went to the rodeo yesterday and he didn't like it but that's just him," said Huss.

Its Huss's first year in the NAHL so he is learning plenty from his teammates and his competitors.

"My first time I really got hit I was like uhh, uhh, uhh, kinda like breathing hard but it hurt a lot, I was like, okay this is a lot faster a lot stronger this is a big boy league," said Huss.

His goal is to eventually land an opportunity to play in college and he feels that this experience is bringing him that much closer.

"We're on the ice so much there's no way you can't improve. Everyone pushes each other," said Huss.

He's extremely thankful for the opportunity to be an Odessa Jackalope.

"It's a huge an honor. I'm very fortunate to be here right now," said Huss.

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