Midland Police, SWAT, train on active shooter situations

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Being prepared for a mass casualty event, the Midland Police Department is continuing to make sure their officers are ready if the situation ever arises.

"We're simulating the fact there would normally be a ball game here," said Chief Steve Henry, Midland Police Department.

The home of the Midland Rockhounds turned into a training facility for MPD.

"This is especially appropriate today, considering what happened in Florida yesterday (Tuesday). We have to keep the edge of our knife very sharp, which is what the public demands of us as public servants," said Henry.

Police and SWAT practiced a scenario where a suspect left a backpack, used it as a diversion and took hostages.

"Every single time that this happens even in Florida, and some of the other events that have happened in America, police are normally reactionary, so we have to be ready for that," said Henry.

Reactionary, Chief Henry got to see how his officers were able to switch to proactive when the stakes were raised.

"All plans are perfect until first contact," said Henry.

Practicing those plans help the officer understand situations.

"It's good today, better tomorrow," said Henry.

To keep the community safer.

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