Update: Proposed storm water fee would increase Midland water bills

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - UPDATE: City council issued a public notice for their storm water fee proposal.

The notice was placed in the classified section of the Midland Reporter Telegram.

Residents will have the chance to discuss the matter with their city council during a public hearing scheduled for March 27 during the council's weekly city hall meeting.

City council meeting start at 10 a.m at city hall.


The Midland City Council heard a presentation on February 12th regarding the implementation of a "storm water" fee.

The presentation was put together by the city's engineering services department.

The ordinance would require a two-step adoption process. First, the city would need to establish a public utility offering drainage service. Then, the city could use a tier-based system to establish separate fee's for residential and commercials properties.

Residential fees would fall into three tiers based on the square footage of your home not including driveways or walkways.

In the proposal, monthly fees would range from $1.20 to $3.40.

On the other hand, commercial fees would fall into a 6-tier system based on square foot that would include driveways and parking lots. Those monthly fees could range from $4.40 to the largest of commercial properties paying $220.

With the money collected, the presentation concluded the city could fund several needed drainage projects.

Those projects could include but aren't limited to adding water pumps to Hill Park and Wadley Barron Park, making improvements to Midland draws, and even constructing regional ponds.

It's important to note that nothing in this proposal is certain to take place and would have to go through city council for two readings.

Though, according to this proposal, if this ordinance would be approved, these fees could be implemented by October.

To view the entire presentation with all the tier-based fees, see below.

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