60-year-old cafe in Valentine opens doors after 20 years

James Dean at the cafe in 1955. (Source: Richard Miller)
James Dean at the cafe in 1955. (Source: Richard Miller)
Cafe from the outside. (Source: KWES)
Cafe from the outside. (Source: KWES)

VALENTINE, TX (KWES) - The door to the Chat and Nibble cafe creeks when you open it. Why wouldn't it? The door has been closed for the most part for 20 years. But now, the cafe is finally opening its doors on Valentines Day.

It's been around for 60 years and was a spot where the locals would come by and do just that, spend time to chat with friends while munching down on a hot breakfast.

Word on the street is it's where they shot scenes from the Giant.  It was also a spot where big stars like James Dean even passed through.

"I love the history of it and the feel when you come in," said Kami Boyce. "Why change it?"

The Chat and Nibble cafe shut down decades ago. Since then, it's sat on the side of the road and you'll see it when you pass through the small town. Boyce will be opening the cafe and cooking for anyone walking in.

"I was approached if I wanted to sell my cooking and if I cant barbecue it or chicken fry it then I can't cook it," said Boyce. "I was more than welcomed to use the cafe. Even though there's not many people who live in Valentine but when you have something like this or any kind of activity or festivals, people come out of the woodwork."

Every February 14, the City of Valentine celebrates the love holiday thanks to Big Bend Brewing. Hundreds of people come by to celebrate with live music and beer. A lot of them are travelers from out of town, or even out of state. So to feed those who are stopping by their little town, Kami decided what better time to do it than on Valentines Day?

"I just love cooking, and meeting new people and I just love it," said Boyce. "Just come to Valentine, it's breathtaking. There's so much peace in my heart."

So if you're passing through Valentine, a small town where everyone knows each other, stop by the cafe. It might not have the full-staff you'd expect, but you might just get a warm meal, where the name Chat and Nibble will come back to life.

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