Midland Lee Sophomore Loic Fouonji stands out as a multi-sport athlete

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Lee finished the 2017 football season better than they have in years and one of their standout players was sophomore Loic Fouonji. After the season, the 6'4" wide receiver hit the court joining the Rebels varsity basketball team and later in the spring will run on Lee's track team. Fouonji also hopes to play soccer after basketball season.

"Yeah after basketball, I go try out for that. If I make the team then I keep playing. Then after soccer season's over, I go run track," said Fouonji.

Fouonji lived in Houston and Longview before moving to the Basin but was born in Cameroon, Africa, and lived there when he was young.

"Before that it was Houston and before that was Africa. It was different. I was a little kid so I don't really remember much but I just had to get used to traditions in America and then how things work around here," said Fouonji.

In 6th grade, he started playing basketball and football. Now, Fouonji is in his first year on varsity for both sports as an underclassman.

"I was excited because all my teammates and all the older kids, they came on cheering for me and it felt pretty good. It was a big step because every player is older than you and you have to keep on playing as hard as you can so you can try and beat them and have a better advantage on them," said Fouonji.

Reminiscing back to the beginning of the football season, the Rebels wide receiver remembers getting in the end zone for the first time under the Friday night lights.

"It was actually the first play I got, the first pass. It was a post and I got it in the end zone. I was excited like my heart dropped because I was scared if I dropped that ball it would be bad looking on me. I was excited. I got home and I was yelling at my mom. I was like, 'Mom, I scored the first touchdown.' I was so excited," said Fouonji.

As basketball season winds down, Fouonji can see the potential this team has for upcoming seasons.

"We're special because we're a pretty young team so we compete with older guys and keep battling with each other," said Fouonji.

The sophomore has already received one football offer from Texas Tech, but the mutli-sport athlete didn't have an answer to what we're all wondering.

"I don't have a favorite sport right now. I like all of them the same way," said Fouonji.

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