San Jacinto students in Midland view presentation from Google

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Students at San Jacinto Junior High School in Midland got a special presentation from Google.

The online company was there teaching kids how to be smart about the content they share online.

Students learned how to create a safe password that's easy to remember, how to identify phishing scams and other ways to stay safe and secure online.

Midland I.S.D. Superintendent Orlando Riddick said it's important for parents to be involved in their students online platforms.

"So when they do confront something, that we're able to get out in front and support them and help them and help navigate what might be a misstep and how to correct that or how we prevent any missteps that might happen in their immediate future," said Riddick.

They were also taught to go to their parents for help, as well.

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