Dennis the Menace park set for major makeover

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "It was built in the 60s, its almost over 60 years old and everything about that park needs to be upgraded," councilman John Love speaking about his district's Dennis the Menace park and the condition it's in.

Aside from the fading colors and rusting metal holding its playgrounds together, Love says the current park which is located in his district is out of date in more ways than one "what's really interesting is that park today wouldn't be able to be built because of certain safety standards."

So councilman Love, along with the other members of the Midland city council, will vote to approve a phase one of a two-phase plan that will bring the park up to speed.

Love also explained what phase one will accomplish, "specifically what we're gonna be working on is a replacement of the sidewalks, fencing, removal of the old playground equipment and existing restroom facilities, new parking lot and lighting. We're gonna make it ADA accessible."

Phase two will then be the installation of new playground equipment.

"I wanna see a park that is as closely as possible resembling the original park that we had, that is safer," says Love.

Though while under construction, Midland families would have to find another place to play.

"The first phase will be completed by December 2018 and the second phase should be completed by the spring of 2019 which puts right about 10 to 12 months," says Love.

Though, once it's complete he hopes that Midland families will appreciate the park as a place to make family memories, "lots of citizens remember growing up and playing on it and citizens are strongly in favor of us rehabbing it and making it better so their children can play on it as well."

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