New vaccine offers better Shingles prevention

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - Shingrix is a new vaccine that helps prevent shingles.

Shingles is a painful viral rash that occurs on the skin and it can be prevented with a vaccine.

However, the new vaccine is different than the one you had growing up. For one, the formula does not contain the weaker strain of the live virus.

"The old vaccine was 70% effective, you still had people that had very severe cases of shingles. With the new vaccine you have 90% effective," said David Draper, Pharmacist.

The vaccine is completed in two injections; after the first injection, the patient waits 60-days to receive the second one.

But, even if you had the old shot it is advised that you get the new vaccine.

"Everyone, that has had chicken pox as a child, if you don't know, it might be a good idea to go ahead and get it," said Draper.

If you are under 50-years of age, you will need a prescription from the doctor. Those in their golden years, over 50-years-old, are welcome to request the vaccine at the pharmacy without a prescription.

P.M. Russell falls into that category and he says after having shingles it's worth it to him to take the shot.

"It has a lot of pain, and it hurts very bad. I don't want to have them anymore," said Russell.

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