Valentine Post Office stamps thousands of valentines for Valentine's Day

VALENTINE, TX (KWES) - With Valentine's Day coming up this week, many Texans and even people from all over, are making sure their significant others are getting extra love in the mail.

It's a special stamp on their Valentine letters that they can only get from none other, than in Valentine, Texas.
As the sun peaks above the mountains in Jeff Davis County, it's a new day for Leslie Williams, the postmaster at their small but quiet post office in Valentine, Texas.

"I've lived in the area for most of my life," said Williams.

Established in 1886, residents say it's how this small town got its name when the Southern Pacific Railroad first came through on February 14, 1882. Right on the love holiday that we call Valentine's Day.

It doesn't get very busy there, but when February comes around, that's when the mail just keeps coming in.

Every year, the post office in Valentine receives thousands of packages, letters, all from romantics around the country and even all over the world.

"China, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, just wherever," said Williams. "Sometimes you wonder how long it took to get here."

Which is why for more than 30 years before Valentines Day, each letter is inked and stamped with a unique rubber print that lovebirds will only find from this small West Texas town. This year, they continue that tradition with a stamp created by a student from their local school district.

"City council picks what they like," said Williams. "We submit that design to the postal service and they make a rubber stamp out of it."

Here's how it works. Letters are addressed to that special someone with a first-class mail postage stamp and put into a larger envelope, which is sent to the Valentine Post Office with the correct postage. The postmaster will open the envelope and stamp the valentine which is then mailed out to the recipient. Last year, they sent over 12,000 letters, just in time for lovebirds to get their Valentines from Valentine, Texas on Valentines Day.

"Well, it's always kind of neat since I've become associated with the postal service, it's kind of interesting because I have people that I've known for years and they'll send their valentines here," said Williams. "You know, we'll have people write us a little note and say, 'We were married on Valentines Day. This is for my wife or to my sweetheart.'"

Because even though this small little post office doesn't get many visitors on a day-to-day basis, many people near and far already know. Whether it's sealed with love, or sealed with a kiss. It's what makes the world go round this Valentines Day, when thousands around the globe are making sure their sweethearts are getting a little piece of love from the small town of Valentine, Texas.

If you're wanting to get your letter stamped, it's too late to get your valentine mailed to your significant other before February 14. But, the post office said they can still postmark your letters with the stamp after Valentine's Day. Mail it to the following address:

VALENTINE, TX 79854-9998

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