E.C.I.S.D. school students now have access to mental health care through their smartphone

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Have you ever thought about using your phone for your next appointment with a therapist? That's what some students in Ector County are doing.

It works like FaceTime or Skype but it has stricter privacy restrictions.

What happens is you go to a doctor and they provide the app for you to download and schedule an appointment.

"The parents give written permission, but they can be accessible through phone," said Dr. Bobby Jain, Psychiatrist.

There are ways that students can have their session during their lunch break, so it does not take time out of the classroom.

Jain says that he sees about 4 to 6 students a week in Ector County, but he hopes to bring it to the Midland Independent School District.

Also, busy working parents don't have to take time out of their schedule to take them.

"Connecting these schools while their children are there during their lunch time, so that it doesn't take away, so they don't have to take time away from their school classes," said Jain.

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