Andrews swim team qualifies for state championship meet

Andrews High School will be sending six swimmers to the state championship meet in Austin next weekend. Sophomore Avery Joiner and Senior Brycen White qualified for individual events. 

The boys 200 free relay team broke a school record at regionals, placed third, but picked up a wild card spot giving them the opportunity to compete at the 5A and under state championships.

"When we just broke the record I think we were all thinking wild card wild card. But no one said it and when it came out, we were all just filled with excitement," said Senior Isaiah Torres.

The team is made up of three seniors and one sophomore.

"It's pretty nerve-racking but it's also a lot of fun knowing that you are one of the best in the state and you actually get to compete against other schools. As a sophomore, it's nerve-racking," said Brennan Bennett.

"Going to state" was a mantra among the Mustangs all season. Although at times it was said light-heartedly, they are happy that it is now a reality.

"We went into regionals, we had a great attitude the whole time. We were joking with one another the whole year and so regionals went well and with state, we're just gonna give it all we got," said Matthew Greiner.

Senior Brycen White qualified for the 50 Free, 100 Free and the 200 relay. He took a trip to state as a sophomore and was determined to make it back during his final season.

"I just know that I'm always gonna remember this time at the pool and I hope that everyone continues to have fun and leave it all in the pool like we did," said Brycen White.

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