World of technology tapped into by Odessa elementary students

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - This tech is bananas; b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

"You can feel their energy in this room," said Vanessa Brower, GT Program Teacher, LBJ Elementary.

The excitement, the willingness to learn more.

"When I was five, I've always wanted to be a technology engineer, to probably make new stuff like an iPhone," said Giovanni Guerrero, student.

"I get to express my creativity with tech. I get to do all the things I couldn't do at home," said Ashlynn Rollo, student.

Some of LBJ Elementary's gifted and talented students for 9 weeks after school have been learning about coding and other uses of technology.

"As much as they can, we need them to be exposed to different ideas in technology and different platforms so that they'll know what they are looking at when they begin training later," said Brower.

Minecraft, clips that help play piano keys without actually touching the keys themselves, and yes, the use of bananas, are just some of the models the students built.

"We've made so many different things in these past three days of tech club, it's hard to remember what we've made," said Rollo.

The technology the students experiment with, not only helps them learn, but also helps them come into their own.

"If you bottle up your creativity for a long time, in my opinion, you'll just be dull," said Rollo.

In our opinion, as technology grows it seems some elementary students in Odessa hope to grow with it.

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