West Texas Public Radio hosts 'lovely' storytelling event

(KWES) - Experts say love has seven languages, which includes brotherly love, romantic and self-love.

With there being different ways of expressing this tenderness, the West Texas Public Radio held a storytelling event where love was the topic.

People came from all over to share their love experiences to an open-hearted audience, who are in the Valentine's Day spirit.

"The mission of the story telling event is to give people the opportunity to laugh and cry together. So I'm hoping people will laugh and cry. We live in a world where so many people are using devices all the time and so the other thing is hoping for people to know each other in a different way," said Elise Pepple, General Manager of West Texas Public Radio Station.

Elise continued to say Wednesday night's most memorable story tellers were those who shared some of their most vulnerable moments, which were also the most relatable.

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