Sharing videos or images of kids online, a no-no

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The recent arrest of a man accused of performing sex acts with a child has people wondering what you should do if you come across those videos unintentionally.

"Sex offenders and the people who enjoy child pornography don't wear a sign around their neck that says they're into this type of activity and or images," said Laura Nodolf, Midland County District Attorney.

Catching the people involved in crimes against kids isn't an easy task.

"If I knew why, I would be able to shut it down," said Nodolf.

This week, a man was arrested in Alabama after a video of an assault of a child was shared across Facebook. Nodolf said sharing videos of that nature in disgust or if you think it can help law enforcement can actually land you in trouble.

"Even if you think that you're doing it with an innocent meaning behind it, you still have an intent to pass it on," said Nodolf.

These problems also affect us locally.

"We've seen several cases that involve child pornography. We've seen it range from videos to images," said Nodolf.

Nodolf added a Midland man was recently indicted for possession of child porn. With the help of nationwide organizations all the way down to local law enforcement, the punishment is being handed down.

"We know individuals who produce, promote and possess this type of material are more likely to commit crimes against children," said Nodolf.

Agencies do the best they can to stop these videos and images from hitting the web. Authorities say if you ever catch yourself seeing something like that, don't share, just delete and report it.

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