Midland Humane Coalition working to control cat population

Midland Humane Coalition working to control cat population
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MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - In some families, cats are considered a part of the family. But when it comes to stray cats on the streets, some people find them to be a nuisance.

"Allow us to reduce the number of stray cats over the years, eliminating their ability to breed," said Natalie Castillo, Development Dir. with the Midland Humane Coalition.

The Midland Humane Coalition is also taking donations to raise $7,000. They're trying to to buy more than 100 traps.

After the cats are caught, Midland residents can apply for a voucher through the city. From there, residents can take the cats to the veterinarian.

"They will take their cats to the vet, they will have them spayed and neutered. They will also receive a rabies vaccination and their ears will be tipped," said Castillo.

When the ears are tipped, that will identify that the cat has already been seen be a vet.

"So just the very top of their ear will be cut off. So it will be blunt tip, instead of a triangle tip, that most cat ears have," said Castillo.

All in a way to help control the pet population.

"To help control those cat populations, give citizens an option over having animal services trap the cats and euthanize them. Because that's really the only way our city has to deal with the problem right now," said Castillo.

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