'Citizen's on Patrol' support Midland police in a big way

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's the dedication of locally trained volunteers that are helping the Midland Police Department in a big way.

"If we have anybody missing on anything like that, they come and assist us with that they assist us a lot of times in big areas where we have chaos. When we need to reserve units, they will come out and work traffic control and stuff like that," said Daniel Stief, Midland Police Officer.

In order, to become a Citizen on Patrol, or C.O.P, a volunteer must first complete a short training program.

The training consists of a 6-hour block or training of Texas Penal Codes, patrol procedures, incident response and basic radio usage. After the classroom is done, they are then allowed an 8-hour ride-along with a police officer.

"Patrolling in the night time, they help us with area searches. If we are doing an area search for missing people, they help us with that. Also, traffic control. They are just the eyes and the ears. The extra eyes and the ears of the Midland Police Department," said Stief.

Stief says the volunteers are a big help to the department and their dedication to serving the Midland community is appreciated.

A big example would be their hard work in finding Leopoldo Alvarado, 65, who was reported missing over the weekend.

"It was bout 30 degrees outside. Believe it or not, they brought him inside the car. One of them gave a jacket to him, so he could get warm before the other police could show up and assist cops," said Stief. "They didn't just help out, but they went the extra mile and they are really good about that. They are here to serve and they are always glad to help us out in any situation that we need."

If you want to learn more about how to join, click here.  

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