Midland High's Mollie Wright moves on to State

Midland High's Mollie Wright moves on to State

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Senior and captain of the Midland High girls swim team, Mollie Wright, has a passion for swimming that has taken her to compete at the next level. In the fall, Mollie will continue her swimming career at Texas A&M. But as she moves on to the big stage, she won't forget where her passion started.

"It's exciting to represent Midland and have someone because there's not a lot of swimmers out there. And so it's just cool to have me at A&M and Braden at Texas both supporting COM and Midland High," said Wright.

Taking swimming to the next level has been full of hard work and dedication, but where she's taking it is a dream she's had for awhile.

"My parents went there, my siblings go there, so it's something I've wanted since I've been little, so it's like a dream," said Wright.

Mollie started competitively swimming when she was 9-years-old. Although by now she's a veteran swimmer in the water, she still gets a anxious before the meets.

"I do get a little bit nervous and especially with meets like regionals and stuff. I do get nervous but more excited about it," said Wright.

At regionals this past weekend, Mollie won gold in the 500 freestyle and silver in the 100 backstroke having her move on to state. For the Bulldog captain, swimmings mean more to her than winning and the medals.

"I like competing and I like achieving. I really like being with everyone who enjoys racing and working hard," said Wright.

That hard work has paid off and Mollie hopes to finish her senior season strong.

"It's pretty crazy. I've lived here all my life so it is pretty sad and it's already gone by so fast. Bittersweet experiencing all the lasts. Like last districts, last regionals and stuff. It's also exciting to open a new chapter in my life," said Wright. 

Midland I.S.D. won three gold, three silver and five bronze medals at regionals. Midland High junior Nathan Keller, will also be joining Braden and Mollie, at the state championship in Austin on February 16.

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