'One City, One Team' taking on swimming regionals

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As swimmers, you train and compete as a team, but you also compete against your teammates. For Midland I.S.D. swimmers, this inner competition is taken to a whole new level as they train alongside their biggest rivals.

"I'm still a Bulldog at heart. I don't claim any Lee ties but we have the club team. So that's where we start swimming and then once you get to High School, you kinda split up, but not really, I mean the only thing is the cap you wear in a meet. The difference is a Lee cap or a Midland High cap," said Braden Vines, Midland High Swimmer.

"We're all kind of just friends and practice together, it's like just practicing as Midland," said Brady Cawthon.

First-year MISD coach Steve Flato said it's simply the culture among these Tall City schools.

"They've been doing it a long time. They get along great, they love working out together, they don't wanna be separated. A unique situation," said Flato.

Their motto is 'One City, One Team' and while they support each other, they don't forget who they are really trying to score points for.

"I mean our points don't count together. It'd be really great if we could get all the swimmers at Lee, we could get some championships for the boys side. So that makes it hard," said Vines.

"We need to cheer. We need to encourage each other but at the same time we wanna beat them. They wanna beat us so we gotta race them at the same time," said Cophin.

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