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Roxette Pietri

Roxette Pietri joined News West 9 as the morning anchor in 2017. She was born and raised on the west side of the island of Puerto Rico, where she graduated from The University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She studied communications, special education, and theater.  

She started her career in the news industry in 2010 as a reporter for WORA TV 5 in Mayagüez, PR, where she was later was promoted to anchor. In 2015, Roxette started working for the number one TV station in Puerto Rico, WAPA TV.

After working her entire life in an all-Spanish news industry Island, she decided to accept the challenge and join the English market.

She has received several acknowledgments and awards in her career as a journalist and because of her excellent academic performance.

Roxette has a passion for storytelling. Although she enjoys every kind of story, Roxette has an inclination towards stories that touch the hearts of people.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, singing, trying new restaurants, being in touch with Mother Nature and getting together with family and friends, people who she describes as irreplaceable in her life.  Roxette also takes pleasure in spending time with her three rescue dogs, Katalina, Princess, and Jason.

If you have a story to tell or just want to say hi to Roxette, send her an email to

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