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Midland Co. Sheriff: Authorities reach bottom of first pit, no additional remains found yet

(Source: Midland County Sheriff's Office) (Source: Midland County Sheriff's Office)

The Midland County Sheriff's Office has released some new information regarding their search for human remains in Midland County.

We've learned that authorities have reached the bottom of the first pit and no additional remains were found.

Painted said that they've called in two cadaver dogs back to see if there was anything that was missed.

We're told that the dogs will also search a second and third pit at the property.

Authorities said that one dog would be used to check for a hit and another would be used to confirm the findings.

We've also learned that the dogs would also run through debris.

Painter said they still believe that there is another body. We're told that they are sticking to that belief until they rule it out.

Painter also stated that they can't use geologists in the search. They were offered a ground searching radar from the Texas Rangers but declined because the radar would hit on debris and not human remains.

Authorities said they will remain in the log until they find another body.

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