Studies find the Super Bowl can trigger heart attacks

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - With Super Bowl Sunday coming up, fans will either be rooting for the Eagles or the Patriots. But whoever you're cheering for, try to avoid getting too stressed. Some studies show the Super Bowl can lead to heart attacks.

Cardiologists across the country will be watching the game this Sunday, but they're not necessarily watching who's playing, but actually who's watching the game. One of the recent studies was from the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. They're also adding that watching any intense sporting event can give your heart a workout, and in some cases, it can be fatal. The Super Bowl, believe it or not, can be a real heart-stopping problem.

Doctors have found over the years, fans who watch high-stake sporting events like the Super Bowl have an even higher risk for a heart attack. But it's not when your team's hands are on the trophy. Actually, it's a different ball game when your team loses.

"If a patient has symptoms of a heart attack or feeling bad, the high stress of watching the super bowl can lead to a heart attack if they feel so strongly about the losing team or opposing team," said Steven Martinez, Lead Interventional Technologist at Medical Center Hospital.

If you don't know whether a heart attack is coming, there are symptoms you should take notice of. Men will typically have chest pain, discomfort and shorter breath. While women will experience jaw pain, discomfort, vomiting or fainting. Whenever you feel those signs, avoid driving yourself to the hospital at all cost.

"We've had one person come all the way from Presidio, Texas drive all the way over here and came into the ER with a heart attack," said Martinez. "Don't drive yourself, have someone drive you if you're close enough that way they start working on you so we're already on our way so we can help you out."

So while you're watching the big game, doctors at the cath lab will be on their A game and ready to save a life.

One of the best ways you can prevent yourself from getting a heart attack is just having a healthy lifestyle. Cut out the smoking, the energy drinks and the fatty foods. If you're watching the game this Sunday and you start to feel your heart rate rise, take a break and take an Aspirin but make sure once again, you get medical attention.

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