10-year-old Odessa boxer gears up for National Tournament

10-year-old Odessa boxer gears up for National Tournament

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The National Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament starts tomorrow in Independence, Missouri and one Odessa boxer will be competing in the ring. 

Jesus Almance Jr. ,10, won the 2017 Regional Silver Gloves Tournament in Dallas and is now hoping to bring home another championship belt from nationals.

Jesus began boxing when he was 8-years-old and since then has found a passion for the sport.

"It looked fun how they all boxed and they give out medals and trophies," said Jesus Almance Jr.

Standing at 4"2' and 60 pounds, Jesus used to get nervous before his matches.

"Yeah I was nervous because there was a lot of people," said Almance Jr.

Now he has become a veteran in his 2 years of boxing and isn't hesitant about stepping in to the ring.

"No, I don't get nervous. I'm used to it. I get used to it," said Almance Jr.

Also known as lightning, a nickname established by his coach because of his quickness in the ring, isn't intimidated by his opponents. In fact, when he gets hit he shakes it off quick.

"You don't feel nothing. I pretend like it didn't hurt me. Just relax and I don't think about nothing," said Almance Jr.

With boxing comes a lot of training and as his nickname implies you have to move around fast.

"Like bounce or tippy toeing, so I can get fast on my feet and sometimes just move around with different footwork," said Almance Jr.

To get ready for the Silver Gloves Tournament, Jesus has been training with his dad and coach everyday. 

"This a big tournament right now it's all national. Everybody in the United States you know. Like he made it out of Texas so we're probably going to go up against California, New York and everybody in the nation," said Jesus Almance, Jesus' father.

The ring at the national tournament is a little bigger than what Jesus has been practicing on and the 4"2' boxer knows just how he'll adjust.
"You might have opponents that may be running around the ring so you have to cut it off. Like they're going this way and you just have to go wherever they're going. You have to chase them sometimes, so you have to cut off the ring and when it's smaller you don't have to really cut off the ring that much," said Almance Jr.

Heading into tomorrow, Lightning has one goal.

"To be ranked one. I want to be a national champ."
Jesus is accompanied by his family and coach and they are all looking forward to watching him take the big stage tomorrow.

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