10-year-old with specials needs calls for help when mom collapses

10-year-old with specials needs calls for help when mom collapses

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Words, they sometimes define us. For 10-year-old Samuel Farrow, his mother knows how to describe him.

"He's all boy, but he has needs," said Veronica Farrow, Samuel's mom.

You see Samuel's mom tells us he's autistic and has ADHD. He's been taking occupational and speech therapy classes at Midland Children's Rehab Center for the more than a year. Despite those needs, Veronica would like to think of her son as her hero.

"We had an incident a few months ago where I collapsed and became unconscious for a unknown amount of time. When I came conscious he was rolling me over and was able to assess the situation. He went and grabbed my IPhone, brought it to me and pushed my thumb to it and called my sister to help so that she can come immediately to help," said Farrow.

During the fall, a table was turnover and glass broke, Samuel not fazed cleaned everything up and told paramedics what happened.

"He just took over," said Farrow.

Thinking of new words to describe Samuel, how about quick-thinking, focused, smart.

"We were just really blessed and amazed that he was able to take a hold of a bad situation and do well," said Farrow.

Samuel is continuing to take therapy classes at the rehab center, if you want to stick with the word hero, remember they all don't wear capes.

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