Midland County Sheriff's Office will continue to search for another body in homicide investigation

Midland County Sheriff's Office will continue to search for another body in homicide investigation

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Pile after pile excavating machines took turns digging their way through a trash pit in Midland County today.

It's part of a days long investigation going on at a tree farm lot on the 5000 block of West County Road 116.

As each load was pulled up, crews sifted through the dirt looking for a second body.

Officials have said the search is motivated by this investigation's possible links to a missing persons case from October 2015.

When 2 teens went missing from a trailer park in Midland, but with every passing hour uncertainty continues to grow according to Sheriff Gary Painter.  "There's no definite proof of who it is, especially with us not finding the second body, that puts this one into question to who it is until we get DNA confirmation."

Though, Sheriff Painter said even if his crew clears the pit where the first body was found, that doesn't mean they'll stop searching the 18 acre lot anytime soon "If we have not found anything, than we'll move to another pit."

The department showing that determination today when the excavator they were lent had to return to a private job site, within minutes crews had another version of the machine on scene.

An understandable reaction given what Sheriff Painter told us his crews found Sunday, "There were some skin remnants, clothing and some other things that were left behind that would give us the impression that it may be a female."

Those remains are now in Tarrant County for an autopsy, which will hopefully shed light on who that person was and what happened to them.

As for residents like Josiah Rafter, who just moved into the neighborhood. He's reacting to what he knows for sure, a dead body was found across the street. "Keep your wits about you, if someone knock at the door at night, probably gonna answer with my gun," said Josiah Rafter.

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