Natural food remedies for fighting the flu

Natural food remedies for fighting the flu
Natural Food Market in Midland. (

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you been feeling a little under the weather in the past few weeks, you probably aren't alone.

The flu virus has caused more than 2,300 deaths in Texas and officials say they are still counting.

If you have tried everything the drug store has to offer, then maybe you should try a different approach.

Larry Satterfield is the owner of Natural Foods Market in Midland and he says to try natural remedies.

Some of the items you can use can be found right in your kitchen like garlic, elderberry and oregano.

"Well they're just natural, the other two are elderberry. That's a berry that has anti-viral properties in it. The other one is Oregano, that's also a natural plant. So we think if you can work with nature, that's the best way to try first," said Satterfield.

You can visit the Natural Foods Market located at 2311 W Wadley Ave. in Midland or you can call them at (432) 699-4048.

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