111 dogs transported from Texas to Washington to reach forever homes

111 dogs transported from Texas to Washington to reach forever homes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There are 111 dogs that are saved thanks to Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables and Project Freedom Ride.

In Texas, many shelters have high euthanasia rates due to overcrowding, especially in Midland. Every month, Project Freedom Ride brings dogs out of Texas and transports them to Washington in an effort to keep that number down.

"So many of their shelters sit empty," said Tasha Sport, a MASA and Project Freedom Ride volunteer. "People wait for our animals to arrive and just greet them with open arms."

So far, the organization has rescued about 670 dogs out of Texas. Families must go through a process if they are looking to adopt, including a Skype interview and home visits to ensure the dogs are going to a safe and happy home.

"It's awesome because we've already established a relationship with them," said Sport. "It saves animals in West Texas. Without them, they could've potentially been killed in the shelters."

MASA said some of the best ways you can help prevent the overcrowding problem is make sure you spay and neuter your pets, microchip them, vaccinate and foster them.

The dogs were selected from areas like Fort Worth, Snyder, Midland and Plainview. They're expected to arrive in Washington on Tuesday.

For more information, you can visit MASA's Facebook page.

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