Snowy owl attracts a crowd

Snowy owl attracts a crowd

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - There was a far from common sight to see in Odessa today.

A snowy owl, native to arctic climates, on full display while perched on a telephone pole located near discount tire off 191.

The bird which has been spotted a few times over the last few days attracting dozens of visitors who wanted to take a picture of the exotic animal, some relieved to finally track the animal down like Kathryn Navarez

"I was crushed when I didn't find her. When i heard she was here today, I was like hold on, and dropped all my stuff. I'm so glad she was still here," says Navarez

Today's crowd was made up some locals, and some people who drove hours from the likes of Dallas, Houston, and even Louisiana just to get a glimpse of the owl.

Their determination rewarded with a clear view of their new feathered friend  who some say seemed to enjoy its audience.

"She's just very charismatic you can just tell she knows the show is all about her," says Navarez

A few wildlife experts believed the bird was young due to the black bars on its stomach and that it likely got lost while migrating for food.

They're now hoping the bird will feed for a few days and head back north.

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