American Cancer society hosts party for kids in Midland

American Cancer society hosts party for kids in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When life throws you a curve ball, it helps to have a great team behind you, and that's exactly what part of the west Texas community aimed to be tonight as they gave an all-star welcomes to children fighting cancer or that had been through it.

An unsurprising show of support for one mother "only in Texas will you get this kind of support," says April Ward who's son was diagnosed with cancer.

As each child and their families made their way inside Saturday's event that was organized by the American Cancer Society, they were treated to food, fun, and the opportunity to meet some new friends.

Many of the event's volunteers were from sport teams from several different west Texas high schools.

Along with helping out, the young athletes played games, treating the young survivors like teammates.

An invaluable experience according to Permian high's varsity basketball coach Tim Thomas "this is another step in  becoming a great person."

Amid the fun and games, I caught up with the parents of one guest of honor who explained how much an event like this meant to them "I'm just so grateful for these people every little thing they do matters, serving the food, shaking hands, their smiles."

As for the toughest kids in town, those who weren't in the middle of a game, were sharing words of wisdom "If anything like this goes on, its all about keep fighting and stay positive," says Andrea Muzquiz

As the event wrapped, the final attraction was a show inside the museum's planetarium, and as everyone admired the stars in the sky, I realized that the brightest ones were right in front of me.

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