City of Midland offers programs to help buy a home, help make home repairs

City of Midland offers programs to help buy a home, help make home repairs
House in Midland. (Source: KWES.)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you're a homeowner and are having a difficult time paying to have your home repaired, there are government resources to help you.

The City of Midland offers programs such as Housing Reconstruction Program, Minor Repair Program and Home Buyer Assistance.

To qualify for the Housing Reconstruction Program, families must be low-income and the house must be in bad shape, such as an older house.

Through a federal block grant, more than $700,000 is given to the city and more than $100,000 of additional incomes through program funding. Which totals to $800,000.

Isaac Garnett, Community Development Manager, explained a little more about what homes qualify in Midland.

"Deteriorated (homes) over time, and it's beyond rehab. Rehabilitation of a home may cost them just as much as building a new one, that's where we come in," said Garnett.

Residents are not given a house for free, they are still required to pay for the house. But, modified loans are offered, so having good credit is important.

When it comes to Minor Repairs, such as issues that relate to sewer, water, gas, roof and central air replacements. The city is allowed to help pay up to $5,000 for Minor Repairs, but that doesn't mean it's free to residents.

"Nothing is free, so you pay a little bit, but it's a small portion," said Garnett.

That small portion is based on income and case by case situations.

"You know, where a water heater may cost $800 and the income you end up $50 on an $800 water heater," said Garnett.

If you don't own a home and are first time buyer, the city also has a program that can help pay for closing costs and a down payment. However, the buyer must have good credit and the city does not act as a banker.

There are few other requirements that residents must qualify for. To learn more visit the housing and Community Development Center website by clicking here.

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