World famous candy store in Midland to hire 10 more people over next 3 years

World famous candy store in Midland to hire 10 more people over next 3 years

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For anyone dealing with a sweet tooth in Midland, Susie's South Forty Confections has you covered.

The candy store offers homemade toffee, fudges and caramels with a taste that has attracted world wide attention.

The company's impressive range of sales is an accomplishment the Midland City Council has taken notice of.

"Susie's South Forty has provided jobs, and is not only serving Midland, West Texas, and the world. It's a worldwide manufacturing company," said Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales.

Though, with such popularity has come an increase in demand, one that the store's controller Jeanne Nicodemus says they're struggling to keep up with.

"Susie's does most of the things by hand. Our candy is always gonna be handmade, but it's the production part of it, getting it bagged, getting it sealed, getting it boxed and shipped. That's where we need some help," said Nicodemus.

Luckily, the Midland City Council and Midland Development Corporation are stepping up to help.

"We're glad that we have a revenue tool in place that allows us to invest in our local businesses," said Morales.

Morales explained the application based ordinance that allows the Midland Development Corporation to invest in local companies if they can produce more jobs.

In this deal, Susie's will get a $115,000 investment, and in return, Susie's will open up 10 more jobs over the next three years.

Nicodemus said those jobs will be open to anyone.

"When you have more staff, you need more management, so we currently have a kitchen manager. We're gonna need a production manager, we have a sales person, but we're gonna need additional sales people so it's variety, not just entry level."

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