U.S. Marshals warn of phone scams

U.S. Marshals warn of phone scams
(Source: U.S. Marshals Office)

(KWES) - The U.S. Marshal Service is warning people of recent phone scams happening nationwide.

Individuals make calls claiming to be U.S. Marshals, court officers or other law enforcement officials in attempts to collect fines to avoid arrests.

Scammers making the calls can often use information like badge numbers and the names of actual law enforcement officials to sound credible to the victims.

The Federal Trade Commission is able to detect patterns of fraud from that information collected and the data shared with law enforcement, which is why the calls should be reported to local U.S. Marshals Service offices and to the Federal Trade Commission.

Remember a real U.S. Marshal will never ask for credit or debit card numbers, wire transfers or bank information. Any personal information should not be given over the phone to unknown callers.

You can always remain anonymous when making a report.

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