Midland Co. Sheriff unhappy with jail software

Midland Co. Sheriff unhappy with jail software

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter is not mincing his words with regard to his departments current computer system, "we had it shoved down our throat today."

Painter says while the commissioners court approved much needed upgrades, they were long overdue.

"There are things it can do that we never had the opportunity for. Now, the commissioners have opened the door and allowed us to purchase, which is great, but we should've had this a long time ago," said Painter.

He also says he still has concerns with the system when trying to pull and transfer arrest reports and other filings.

"You can run a report one minute, and then run it again ten minutes later, and get different results," said Painter.

That's because accuracy is crucial for his department.

"We run 800 to 1000 bookings every month and that's 1000's of people a year that we have to be accurate in," said Painter.

That's why he wants a different system installed.

"We need to move forward with a better product. One that's faster, more robust, that's important to us to provide safety to the officers in the field," said Painter.

It's a move that he almost got accomplished last year, when he convinced the court to move forward with another program, but says unforeseen circumstances forced delays. Then, the Midland County Commissioner's court unhappy with project's progress disbanded the project with a lawsuit.

County Judge Mike Bradford explained what happened.

"They didn't show up for a long period of time and finally got them to show up, and it became apparent as they were working, that perhaps there were more holes in this product than we knew about," said Bradford.

A decision that Sheriff Painter wasn't thrilled about.

Moving on, Painter said he tried to suggest another software, but says the courts had seen enough.

Judge Bradford gave us his take on the matter, "so, you're gonna have difference in what you like, but we just got out of this experience of a million dollar lawsuit, and we're uninterested in going back."

So for now the difference of opinions will stand, and the current software will continue to be used with a new set of upgrades.

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